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New Stone Age or Neolithic
       The new Stone Age or the Neolithic is the last period of the Stone Age (in the Bulgarian lands from 6000 to 4000 BC). It follows the  Pleistocene and early Holocene Mesolithic years of culture, starting with the discovery and spread of agriculture and ending when metal tools coal and became widespread in the Copper, Bronze or Iron Age, depending on geographical area. The Neolithic does not constitute a specific chronological period, and refers to the earliest stages of settled life and availability of agricultural activity in various human societies. For example, in the Middle East societies began to cultivate the land in October 1000-1500 years before these skills to spread and reached the primary societies in Europe.
      The Stone Age in particular is associated with a group of specific behavioral and cultural changes among human societies, including the growing of crops and breeding of domestic animals.The transition from hunting and accumulation and a nomadic / semi-nomadic lifestyle typical of the Оld and Middle Stone Age to agriculture and sedentary is called Neolithic Revolution.
     From 10,000 to 8000 BC people cultivate crops and to bred goats and sheep. From 7000 BC began to bred, and other animals - (cows, pigs), domesticated dog began living in permanent settlements and pile. Appears and pottery. The development of this skills is not simultaneously and they appear at different times in different parts of the world.