the origin of Bulgarians

A couple of theories about the origin of Bulgarians

We Bulgarians are undoubtedly descendants of an ancient people and our country has officially been acknowledged as one of the oldest countries in Europe. One proof of that is the fact that some of the oldest processed gold in the world was found on our lands. The origin of our people themselves, however, is a rather debatable matter and a mystery, over which scientists from all over the world “bang their heads.” There are many theories about who our ancestors were and where they came from. Some are absurd and others sound sensible. Here are some of the most widespread ones:
Bulgarians are Thracians
The theory that Bulgarians haven’t come from somewhere else, but have always lived on these lands is becoming more popular. During the last two years there have been a few genetic researches in its support, which show that within a large percentage of the modern Bulgarians there is DNA from people, who lived on the Balkans more than 6000 years ago.
Bulgarians are Turks
Until recently the most widespread theory about the origin of Bulgarians was the one about their Turkish descent. Scientists guessed that the ethnos was formed in Central Asia (East Kazakhstan) between the Caspian Sea and the mountain Imeon (Pamir, Tianshan and Hindukush). Other possible regions are Altai or West Siberia, the Tarim Hollow, West Mongol, South Siberia and the upper stream of Irtish.
Bulgarians are Iranians
During the last year the theory about the Iranian origin of Bulgarians gained popularity. It is believed that our first nation was situated on the territory of modern Iran and Afghanistan. Many scientists point out that that is precisely where the first Bulgarian country was formed – Baktria or Balhara.
Bulgarians are Aryans
During the last few years the Aryan descent of ancient Bulgarians has been more seriously discussed. Besides the linguistic and anthropological similarities between the residents of Bulgaria and the residents of Tajikistan the theory is also supported by the DNA analysis, which shows that Bulgarians are genetically very close to some of the residents of Pamir.
Bulgarians are Slavs
This theory isn’t so popular. It states that after the first two waves of the Great Migration the lands of modern Bulgaria were completely empty. Then the slavs moved in. The Bulgarians, who moved in later were just another Slavic tribe, coming from the lands of Ukraine.
If that topic interests you, you are welcome to our Neolithic Village, an attraction close to Varna, so that you can learn more about the forgotten ages of our lands.